January 2018

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Program Progress

Hospitality Cards

10 currently in circulation
10 retired cards
$1,208 ~ 120 meals provided

Hospitality Kits

261 distributed
8 in stock
Supplies for ~50 to be assembled
Most recent homelessness statistics from the Dept. of Commerce:
Washington: 21,000+ (Total Homeless = sheltered + non-sheltered)
King County: 11,600+ (Total Homeless)
numbers taken from the county summary of August 2017

What's New?

What have we been up to?

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Congratulations to December's Lemming Champion: Craig John
Here are all the results from December's game:
Rank Player Name Totals
1 Craig John 93
2 Mel Brent 89
3 Ryan Bartlett 86
4 Nikki Bates 82
5 Jake Larson 82
6 Asha Ouseph 78
7 Danny Richter 75
8 Cordell Walker 72
9 Dirta 70
10 Megan 67
11 Joyce Hillstrom Johnstone 66
12 Meowkitty 65
Rank Player Name Totals
13 AC 64
14 Skud21 63
15 Christopher Denault 62
16 Jeffrey Seguritan 61
17 Oldbag69 59
18 Pate hogan 58
19 Laurz 58
20 Kari 55
21 Allison 48
22 Auk 45
23 Lucas 42
24 B. Stuff 33
25 Carol Bianchi 31
  • The Newman Center at Western Washington University paid a visit to the streets of Seattle just before Christmas to deliver hospitality kits to our homeless neighbors.

    They mostly assembled their own kits but we were pleased to be a part of their project by providing 15 complete kits plus 70 pairs of the socks we received from Bombas. Hopefully we'll be able to provide a more detailed summary of their project in February's newsletter...we didn't want to pry for a debriefing over Christmas.
  • Immaculate Conception in Arlington continued their commitment to their local homeless neighbors by ordering supplies for another 40 kits. The community there assembled the kits in about 45 minutes and distributed them during their homeless dinner on Dec. 22nd. 

What's coming up?

  • We are inventorying supplies for 50 more kits to send to the folks at Old Friends Club for assembly and distribution in Kirkland and/or Carnation. OFC is a nonprofit adult day program that supports and nourishes its clients and their caregivers through a variety of programs and we are very honored to be a part of their work.
  • Northwest Hospitality's 2018 Benefit for Our Homeless Neighbors is going to be happening in September at The Royal Room in Seattle. As soon as we have a date and any further information, you'll see it here and on our Facebook page.

Did you know?

  • NWH has 134 Facebook followers but only a fraction of these have committed to our mission with a donation. If each one of our lovely followers contributed $5/month via PayPal, we would have a monthly budget of over $615 dollars, more than 6x our current budget!

Homelessness in the News

This article does a great job summarizing the changes coming to Seattle's approach to the homelessness crisis. The article pits a couple groups against each other saying that the city is putting more investment toward "'enhanced' shelters" and less toward aiding "survival" while it's pointed out by opposition what might happen if this strategy doesn't work.

Looking at the city's plans makes me excited because the intent is real change in the status quo. That said, it does seem likely that access to simple services may be impacted and this is a place where we can step in and augment, even just a little bit, of what the city might be losing.

I'm encouraged by the focus on accountability and production of "exits from homelessness" in Seattle's approach to homelessness. That should be the city's emotionless tack. But it must be tempered by caring communities that don't forget to reach out to our neighbors and make sure that nobody falls through the cracks that might be inherent in such a strategy shift. As a community, we take care of our neighbors one-on-one while our government strives to provide a system for them to get into circumstances where they require less and less assistance. 

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