This page is here to help salons and barbershops get familiar with our haircut voucher program.

Thank you for participating!

This is what our vouchers look like:



Haircut Voucher Page 1 Template Published on Website (3).jpg
Haircut Voucher Page 2 Template Published on Website (1).jpg

Our goal is to make this as simple as possible, but in order to protect everyone involved we have a quick validation process.

haircuts validation tool example.jpg
  1. Go to the link provided on the front of the voucher,
  2. You will see a list of vouchers. Click the URL associated with the voucher ID presented to you. There are search and sorting tools available if there are a lot of vouchers in circulation.

  3. Fill out the short form and hit submit. You will need:
    1. Voucher ID & Pin Code
    2. Select your location from the network list or enter your business name and phone number
    3. Date
    4. Amount NWH will be charged for service
    5. Retail value of service
      • There is no discount required. However, any discounts will be recorded and included in a tax receipt for your location at the beginning of each year.
    6. Notes or comments about your experience with our haircut program
    7. Check the final box to redeem the voucher. If you leave it unchecked you will see if the voucher is valid but it won't be redeemed for compensation by NWH until the form is filled out again and this box is checked.
  4. After submitting the form, that window can be closed. Refresh the page where you clicked on the URL to open the form. You will now be able to see if the voucher is valid or not and if you checked the box to redeem the voucher, the URL will be replaced and the status will read "Redeemed."
  5. Northwest Hospitality will be in touch very shortly to pay for the service you provide.